Time Bomb is a radically simple, remarkably new approach to skin care.
A collection of powerhouse formulas and breakthrough innovations developed to help women of all ages “stop the clock!”
The keys to Time Bomb’s exceptional efficacy...

1. Daily Clock-Stopping Regime

Three simple steps, three exceptional formulas (including potent, skin-boosting Complexion Cocktails) in an easy, everyday ritual that will totally transform your skin in less than two weeks. Slough. Cocktail. Moisturize. Definitely NOT your mother’s skin care regime. (But she should use it, too!)

2. Innovative formulas that focus on the Core 4 reasons behind skin aging

Over time, everyone’s skin inevitably slows down. There are four key functions, that when no longer performing at optimum levels, cause skin to look older:

- loss of sloughing ability
- loss of moisture
- loss of oil (sebum)
- loss of collagen

Time Bomb is the first skin care range that has targeted, with laser-like precision, skin’s Core 4 deficiencies. We isolate specific breakdowns in skin’s abilities, then solve the problems with new technologies....formulas blending highest concentrations of natural, naturally-derived and cutting-edge ingredients. Our goal: immediate, visible, skin-transforming.....life-changing! results.

WE CAN’T STOP TIME.... but we can change how it shows on your face.