Re-ignite your skin’s radiance….and spark your spirit!

Divine Intervention Glow Oil brings the offering of precious elements, oils and extracts to calm smooth and awaken your skin’s inner incandescence. This radical formula helps deliver an inner glow to the skin and its calming, anti-inflammatory properties help leave the face looking rested, serene and more youthful.

Spanning beauty history, cultures and the globe this radical formula blends ancient sacred oils, Frankincense and Myrrh, with the modernity of Cannabis Sativa oil extracted from the hemp plant. This profoundly different oil also contains Pomegranate, Tsubaki, and Rice Bran oils, used religiously in the East to achieve a smoother, brighter skin tone. Apply to skin morning and night for an enlightened experience.

Apply about a half a dropper’s worth of product (or 6-8 drops) into your palm and gently rub palms together. Smooth onto entire face and gently press oil into skin.


Frankincense – esteemed in ancient civilizations to keep skin healthy and strong and promote a feeling of peace, relaxation and overall wellness. A powerful anti-oxidant and natural astringents it helps tighten, lift, and tone skin.

Myrrh – a potent ancient healing oil that helps fight oxidative stress; it has a soothing, calming effect and helps with inflammation; promotes smooth, moist skin.

Cannabis Sativa – relaxes soothes and calms skin even irritated skin; lipid-rich oil helps with hydration and moisture retention.

Rice Bran – Prized anti-ageing oil used in Japan for centuries, rich in vitamins, nutrients and a potent anti-oxidant (gamma oryzanol) it helps brighten, reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone, diminishes the look of wrinkles and helps skin sustain a healthier glow.

Pomegranate – known as e “fruit of life” and used in ancient times for its revitalizing properties this oil boosts collagen production and enhances elasticity. Rich in omega fatty acids with strong anti-inflammatory properties this oil helps fight sun damage while it soothes and moisturizes skin.

Tsubaki – quickly absorbed, excellent emollient keeps skin firm, smooth and supple; also helps fight free radical damage and combats sunspots, fine lines and wrinkles.


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