Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel and Reveal

Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel and Reveal

Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel and Reveal

Throwback to baby-smooth, fresh, luminous skin with this ideal peel.
What it does:
A once-weekly, two-step at-home skin-perfecting ritual for all skin types.
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and hyper-pigmentation
- Helps tighten and improve the look of pores
- Restores a smooth, even-tone skin texture and dewy radiance

How it stops the clock:
This ground-breaking at home peel, brings together two high-performance skin-resurfacing formulas, harnessing the optimal benefits of both a chemical peel and mechanical dermabrasion in one simple system.

Step 1: PEEL AHA SERUM (chemical exfoliation)
Applied at bedtime, this AHA serum formulated with an optimal, highly effective blend of glycolic, lactic, citric and malic acids, gently works its magic all night.Dissolves the “glue” or bonds which hold the top layer of dry, dead, dull skin cells on the surface of your skin, making your complexion look drab, uneven, and lined.

Step 2: REVEAL DERMABRASION CREAM (mechanical exfoliation)
In the morning, buff away the loosened layer with this professional-caliber microdermabrasion polish. Formulated with dermatological grade alumina oxide fine-edged micro crystals, it lifts up and mechanically exfoliates clinging surface debris and dead cells that have been loosened overnight by the AHA Serum.

The result - a fresh, smooth, luminous skin surface

Step 1: Peel AHA Serum helps dissolve the bonds that hold dry, dead skin cells to the surface

Step 2: Reveal Dermabrasion Cream helps lift and polish away the loosened,dry dead skin cells

Result: smoother, tighter-looking more even surface with radiant glow

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Throwback Thursday Overnight Peel and Reveal
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