Why most skin care regimes don’t work

January 12, 2015
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Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize.
For decades, this basic three-step skin care routine has been the go-to standard for most women.
The problem is, these basic steps....with basic products.... simply aren’t enough to make a serious, visible difference in the look and feel of your complexion.  Here’s the reason traditional 3-step regimes will never give you the results you want:

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How you start your regime.....the efficacy of the cleanser you use..... makes all the difference in your end results. While it’s important to wash away dirt, grime and make-up, that’s just scratching the surface of complexion care. Literally.

As you age, your skin (like everyone’s) loses the ability to shed dead surface cells efficiently.  The dry, dead cells that cling to your skin’s surface make your complexion look dull, grey, uneven...older

The truth is: no matter how many times you wash your face, your complexion will never look fresh, smooth and glowing until you also gently remove that top layer of dead skin cells.

And “gently” is the operative word. Exfoliating cleansers made with rough seeds or abrasives will scratch and irritate your skin.  Even more insidious: cleansers that are formulated with surfactants or detergents (and most are) that can strip away natural oils, dry and damage your skin.

The most effective way to start your skin care regime is with a creamy, moisture-based cleanser that contains professional, dermatological grade particles.  More than simply cleansing, you’ll get the resurfacing, rejuvenating effects of a facial every time you wash your face.

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Up until recently, skin-tingling toners, loaded with alcohol and astringents, were considered an essential “Step 2” of any skin care routine.....a follow-up “mop-up” to clear the skin of residual cleanser. Touted for their alleged mattifying and pore-tightening benefits, these highly acidic toners wrecked havoc on sensitive skin...causing stinging and burning sensations. For other skin types, the result was unbalanced pH and breakdown of skin’s essential moisture barrier, leading to dehydration, redness and uncomfortable tightness.

Here’s what Allure’s experts say in “Confessions of a Beauty Editor”
"Skip the toner. When we say this in the magazine, we always get outraged letters from aestheticians saying skin isn't truly clean until it's been swabbed down. But dermatologists say toner can be overly drying on all but the oiliest skin. If you can't resist the lure of the cotton ball, make sure your bottle is alcohol free."

Time to toss yesterday’s skin-punishing toners, and enter the new age of nourishing, problem-solving tonics: Complexion Cocktails.  A quantum leap in technology, Complexion Cocktails are light and refreshing, but deceptively powerful. Complexion Cocktails aren’t a post-cleanser clean-up:  they’re a potent, pre-moisturizer boost that absorbs quickly and sinks deep into skin to give your complexion an uber-boost. Each is customized with a potent “shot” to target specific skin issues stemming from fatigue, dehydration or pollution. All are formulated with two types of Hyluronic Acid to plump, restore moisture and glow.

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Without question, moisture is essential for smooth, supple, healthy skin.  But moisture alone won’t even your skin tone or give your complexion a fresh, firm, glowing finish. The best new moisturizers are innovative multi-taskers:  groundbreaking technologies that have serious anti-aging ingredients like Borage Oil for long-term benefits, plus optical brighteners and effective skin tighteners to instantly and visibly change skin’s tone and texture.  Ideally, look for a daytime moisturizer that not only moisturizes, but primes, preps and perfects your complexion whether you choose to use make up or not.  At night, look for a moisturizing treatment that makes the most of your down-time and loads your skin with nutrients while you sleep.

Today’s daily skin care regime is still based on a quick, simple 3-step sequence.
The difference is updating and upgrading to high-efficiency formulas with power-house ingredients that ratchet up your results, every step of the way:
Step 1: cleanse + buff
Step 2: boost + rehab (with a cocktail)
Step 3: moisturize, day + night

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