How To Beat Summertime Complexion-wreckers: Have A Cocktail!

July 20, 2015
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Sunny days, balmy nights.  Tennis, swimming, hiking.  Beach bonfires, all night roof-top parties.  What’s not to love about summer?

Well....maybe those summertime skin flare-up’s. More than any other season, activities and exposures in hot weather can make your skin go tilt, showing up on your complexion as blotches, blemishes, dry patches, dullness, slackening.

What to do? Reach for a cocktail!

Time Bomb’s Complexion Cocktails are a whole new genre of skin care: modern tonics that instantly target complexion troubles due to fatigue, toxins or dehydration.

Unlike traditional alcohol-based toners that can strip essential moisture or irritate skin, Complexion Cocktails saturate your skin with uber-nourishing ingredients to bring your complexion into balance.  Light and refreshing, all cocktails contain a concentrated blend of two types of Hyaluronic Acid for instant plumping and renewed glow.  Each cocktail features a unique “shot” to target a specific skin issue.

If your skin’s got the summertime blues....Complexion Cocktails are the cure!

Dry, parched complexion?

Beat dehydration with an enriched saturation.

unnamed-2 Heat-baked beaches, chlorinated pools, sweaty sports and recycled indoor air can leave your skin feeling high and dry.  Complexion Cocktail with a shot of H2Omega instantly hydrates and transforms dry, crinkled, dehydrated skin.  Formulated with a potent shot of Chia Seed Oil and Coconut Oil (ultra-rich sources of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids) this cocktail creates a plump, dewy complexion.  (TIP: Perfectly paired with Powerball Intensive Moisturizer)

Blotches, blemishes and breakout’s?

Here’s the solution to summer skin pollution.


Like the song says... hot town, summer-in-the-city can leave your skin feeling dirty and gritty.  Blemishes and breakout’s are more common in summer when sweat, dirt and some products like sunscreen meld into a pore-clogging mix.  Complexion Cocktail with a shot of Chlorophyll features powerful scavengers Chlorophyll, Wheat Grass and Red Clover to help clear break-out’s, clogged pores and rough patches.  This soothing, non-comedegenic tonic leaves your skin calmed, clearer...fresh!  (TIP: Perfectly paired with Take Off Time Polishing Cleanser)

Lifeless, dull, drab complexion?

Bring back the bloom to de-energized skin.


Summmer’s social scene, jet lag and hectic pace showing up on your face? When you’re tired, your complexion looks dull, lifeless, a little slack.   Complexion Cocktail with a shot of B12 is loaded with B Vitamins, physicians’ go-to injection for reviving energy.  This cocktail absorbs and reboots on contact, so your complexion looks instantly brighter, tighter and well-rested.  (TIP: Perfectly paired with Glory Days Day Cream)