Pedi Set Go

May 14, 2014
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4U4A7240We’re giving the boot to winter shoes. Bring on the flip flops, sandals and all manner of peep toes. We’re “toe-tally” psyched for barefoot weather.

First and foremost.....we need a pedi, please.

Starting sandal season with a professional-grade pedicure is definitely the way
to go. Nothing beats the uber-shiny, meticulously-applied polish and heavenly massages that are standard fare at pro salons. (Thank you, YouBeauty for this round-up guide to the most sublime pedi palaces around the country.)

But if you can’t get to a nail salon because you’re in a pinch for time.......or pinching might want to go the DIY pedicure route.

For the time challenged, These super short cuts from Real Simple are just that... real simple. Quickie tips that transform your toes in as little as 2 minutes.

4U4A6854The singular most critical step in every pedi process, from quickest to most indulgent? A super-rich moisture cream made expressly for feet.

Feet that are hydrated, smooth and silky look well-groomed.....feminine and pretty, even with unadorned nails. Conversely, even the most perfectly polished nails cannot compensate for feet that look rough, wrinkled....with dry, flakey patches.

Because drying-time is the biggest time-suck of the pedi process, we’re intrigued by this super speedy polish we recently learned about via Beauty411 . Vinylux Weekly Polish promises durable high shine for a week. Better yet, no base coat required, and they say dries in 8 ½ minutes.

If speed is not an issue and full-out pampering is your goal, here are some top tips for luxurious, at-home pedi’s from the pro’s: